Manufacturing Facility

SJS manufactures aesthetic products from a manufacturing facility located in Bengaluru, India, spread across an area of approximately 235,000 square feet. This facility is well designed and requires minimal movement of material and products across different manufacturing processes before the final product is ready. It also has epoxy-coated floors and meets ISO class 8 dust-free clean room specifications which is critical to produce aesthetic products. Our Bangalore facility is ISO, IATF and LEED Gold certified.

The facility is flexible, allowing us to interchange capacity and product mix across various product categories and industries based on customer and operational requirements, enabling us to offer a diverse range of products and services to our customers. This optimizes our machine productivity and operational efficiency and de-risks our business model.

Further our subsidiary operates a manufacturing facility in Pune, India spread across 68,350 square feet. This facility has a paint line and a fully automated chrome-plating line. This facility is also ISO and IATF certified.

Tooling & Thermoforming

We have a dedicated prototype-tooling center at our Bengaluru facility. We are equipped with 3D printing technology to promptly make products. We rely on our prototyping capabilities as well as our network of suppliers to deliver products quickly, within the stipulated turnaround time.

We have high pressure thermoforming capabilities at our Bengaluru facility, to handle and shape plastic to manufacture products such as in-mould label or in-mould decoration. We are also able to control and consistently achieve the optimum level of graphics distortion required for the “3D effect” and apply this technique to manufacture our 3D lux badges, appliques and dials.


Testing & Reliability

SJS prides itself in conducting strict incoming quality inspections and ensures that the production lines are fed with right quality raw material. Similarly, the final outgoing products are also tested to ensure that there are no field failures. Samples of the tested parts are retained for a period of 6 months, should the customer choose to visit and inspect the batch references. Our quality control equipment includes machines such as vision systems, coordinate measuring machines, accelerated weathering testers, an environmental test chamber, salt spray testers and thickness, impact and strength testers for checking the quality and performance of our products.


New Product Development

We are constantly working on pushing the boundaries of design and technology to deliver newer and better solutions to our clients. Our R&D facility and design lab takes into account the evolving customer needs and developments happening in materials and finish, to re-imagine interfaces.